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Collodion Process
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Euphus Ruth, Jr. grew up in the hills of north Mississippi. He has lived in the Mississippi Delta for over 35 years. He photographs using  collodion and film processes. He enjoys the complete photographic process from visualizing the image through the ground glass to the final print or plate in the darkroom or mobile darkbox. "My love of black and white photography began by looking at old photos from my Mom's Kodak Brownie, which was kept in a box under the couch of our family home. I am inspired by things olden,forgotten or remembered and intrigued by the earth's reclamation, be it human or material. 

Ruth's work can be viewed and purchased at A Gallery For Fine Photography , New Orleans, La. and his home studio in Greenville, MS. A sample of his work is on tour through 2020 with "Southbound: Photographs of and about  the New South".


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