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Euphus Ruth, Jr. was born in Texas but was raised in Bruce, Mississippi from age two. He has lived in the Mississippi Delta for over 30 years. He photographs using the wet collodion and film processes. He enjoys the complete photographic process from visualizing the image through the ground glass to the final print or plate in the darkroom or mobile darkbox. "My love of black and white photography began by looking at old photos from my Mom's Kodak Brownie, which was kept in a box under the couch of our family home. I am inspired by things olden,forgotten or remembered and intrigued by the earth's reclamation, be it human or material. Most of my images since 2006 are made with wooden view cameras with antique & modern lenses praticing the 19th century wet collodion process. My earlier work was using large format film contact printed on Azo paper. Currently I am practicing making wet collodion glass negatives for contact printing."
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